Hybrid Identity Protection Conference 2019

HIP New York October 2019

More information coming soon, check out our 2018 speakers and presentations below.

The Secret Life of Secrets, Pamela Dingle

As the keynote speaker, Pamela outlines the industry shift that newly ratified protocols like FIDO2 and token binding represent to keeping enterprise secrets. In technical detail, she demonstrates what power lies at our doorstep, so that you can decide exactly what life you want your secrets to live.

Protecting Privileged Access in the Cloud Era, Allen Brokken

Allen covers how users with the highest privileges are protected from common attacks using Microsoft guidance on securing privileged access.

10 Quick Identity Wins with Azure AD, Brian Desmond

This session will equip you to start using Azure AD quickly, save money, and get measurable wins from your cloud identity investment.

Top Lessons Learned from Disasters in Identity Management, David Lundell

David shares vital lessons on disasters in Identity Management from his own experience and headline news.

Resurrecting Domain Controllers from Dust and Ashes, Guy Teverovsky

Watch how Guy attempts to transplant a dead Domain Controller to a freshly installed OS while not using a BMR or System State.

Striking a Balance in Today’s Hybrid Identity Landscape, Jeremy Palenchar

This session uses real-life scenarios to explore proven identity synchronization patterns that will better prepare you to meet these competing demands by users and regulators.

Conditional Access Deep Dive, Joe Kaplan

This session deep dives into Conditional Access, how the platform works, including all of the conditions, policy construction framework and upcoming features

How To Secure Shared Social Media Accounts And Achieve SSO Through Azure AD, Jorge de Almeida Pinto

Jorge demos how Azure AD can help protect your company’s shared social media accounts against hackers.

Offline Attacks on Active Directory, Michael Grafnetter

Learn best practises for limiting access to Domain Controller hard drives in today’s era of virtualization and cloud computing.

Azure AD Password Protection:The Cloud Security Service your Active Directory Needs Now, Sean Deuby

Sean explains password policy recommendations from NIST and Microsoft, how Azure AD Password Protection works, and how to ensure hybrid identity infrastructure protection.

Office 365 and Azure AD security, Sean Metcalf

Explore Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure AD security features and options that enable an organization to better protect their cloud services and data from potential compromise.

Mimikatz for the Everyman, Adam Driscoll & Lee Berg

In this session Adam and Lee break down the features of Mimikatz and explain when and how to use them.

Operationalizing BloodHound’s Attack Graph for Defense, Andy Robbins & Rohan Vazarkar

Andy and Rohan share their progress on ope-rationalizing BloodHound’s attack graph that puts the power back in defenders’ hands.

Countering Identity Creep in a Hybrid-Cloud World, Ben Johnson

Ben explains how shifting our focus from authentication to authorization and accounting improves our grasp on identity in the modern hybrid-cloud world.

Inside Active Directory – API Level, Christoffer Anderson

Learn and understand the internals of Active Directory. Christoffer explores the core APIs and the directory database layer.

Identity Governance in a Hybrid Identity World, Darren Mar Elia

Darren covers the unique challenges and considerations customers need when planning to extend their identity governance practice to hybrid identities and applications.

Rethinking MFA, Hed Kovetz

Hed examines the major challenges that affect current MFA solutions and how to secure corporate identities in the new reality.

Zero Trust Access and IAM, Michael Dubinsky

Find out how the Zero Trust model is an easy to manage, secured, unified access policy regardless of where users, devices or resources are located.

Customer Journey for Securing Identity Infrastructure, Nitika Gupta

In this session, learn about the top identity attacks Microsoft experiences and understand how customers can protect against them.

Next-level Security for OpenID Connect – Understanding Token Binding, Gil Kirkpatrick

Learn how token binding works and how it will make your applications, both on-prem and in the cloud, more secure.